«Loin (weit)»

Compagnie Débordante [FR]

  • Su. 07.07.2019, 16:00 & 19:00, Hangar 21

In the distance, bodies detach from the landscape. They appear like a mirage, the image is blurry, their gestures vague. They are getting imperceptibly closer and we can distinguish more precise movement, their silhouettes emerge, the landscape is transformed around them. Some of them progress faster than others, retreat, leave. They amalgamate, form a group, supporting each other, then separate becoming again solitary individuals. And their faces take shape, their features sharpen, we hear the sound of their bodies, of their breath, they are very near, they are here.
“Far” is a choreographic proposition and perceptual experience for a great depth of field.

Choreography : Héloise Desfarges

Dance: Anne-Sophie Gabert, Perrine Gontié, Claire Rivera, Sarah Pellerin-Ott, Julie Galopin

Singing: Caroline Marçot