«Mind Ur Step!»

Lloyds Company [NL] & CIE Racines Carrées [FR]

  • Sa. 06.07.2019, 20:00, Hangar 21

Everyone is connected in one ecosystem, with a fragile balance. Communication is key, but we do not always understand eachother. Sometimes people disconnect. Wanting to distinguish themselves, be their own person, with their own moves, their own dance. When should you hold on and when should you let go? In the end, we are all connected through an unbreakable link.
Mind Ur Step brings together eleven hiphopdancers from four countries, in an international dance production that brings an ode to hiphop in its purest form. The dancers are also aspiring theater choreographers and guided by established choreographers coming from their own scene – Nabil Ouelhadj (FR), Lloyd Marengo (NL) and Kader Attou (FR). Resulting in a powerful and tender, universal and personal performance that finds strength in simplicity.

On Saturday, 07. July 2019 at 12:00 there will be a dance workshop with the dancers of Mind Ur Step. The workshop is for free and will be about two hours long. To sign up contact KulturTeam Stadt Detmold: +40 5231 977 920 or kulturteam@detmold.de.

Tickets for the performance are 15€, disounted tickets 10€ and available at

Tourist Information Detmold (Tel. +49 5231 977 328)

Lippische Landes-Zeitung (Tel. +49 5231 911 113)

or online: www.adticket.de


Supported by Kultursekretariat Gütersloh NRW