BILDSTÖRUNG compact – streettheatrefestival Detmold 2021

BILDSTÖRUNG compact – streettheatrefestival Detmold 2021

The program is ready, the artists have prepared themselves, the audience is excited and the urban space is waiting to be artistically taken.

However, the lack of persepctive for a reopening, which is crucial for planning securely and the needed time that the organisation of such an event takes, unfortunately does not allow a forecast for June 2021. As a result the BILDSTÖRUNG 2021 with its extensive projects cannot take place as planned.

Together with other festivals from all over Europe, we exchanged ideas about the possibilities of festivals in public space and the paths we can take with artists and audiences, because we all face the same challenges.

In 2021, the KulturTeam Detmold is therefore planning a concept with an alternative format for the usually four-day festival.

The festival program will be extended over a period of three months. From August to Octobre, compact contemporary theater, performances and dance in public space, new circus, staged city walks and installations will conquer the city again on various weekends and also weekdays.

Many of the artists have already confirmed their participation, some have been postponed to the BILDSTÖRUNG 2022. The smaller and more compact festival in 2021 will present current productions at different locations in Detmold.

We are hoping for falling Corona-incidences during summer so that international artists can travel to their performances and events in public spaces can be realised in a pandemic-friendly manner.

Further information about the program will be published here and in the local and social media.

Until then, we ask our audience for patience and to look forward to BILDSTÖRUNG compact 2021.