BILDSTÖRUNG 2021 – Streettheatrefestival Detmold
the festival has been postponed to June 2021
03. – 06. Juni 2021

BILDSTÖRUNG Streettheatrefestival fans, visitors and inhabitants of Detmold can look forward to next year. The festivals has been postponed to June 3 – 6 2021.

Many of the for 2020 invited artists have noted the new date. As a result the program can be transferred into 2021 almost one to one.

The KulturTeam of the city of Detmold hopes that the artists rehearsals can resume soon and that the situation improves in a way that travel restrictions can be reduced so that in 2021 all the artists will make their way to Detmold.

Already now we are exited and can’t await experiencing culture and encounters in public space and bring life back to the streets and places in the city together with the artists and the audience.

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