BILDSTÖRUNG – 03.-06. June 2022

BILDSTÖRUNG – 03.-06. June 2022

After two years of the pandemic, we hope that we can return to some kind of normality with the BILDSTÖRUNG festival, which will be held from June 3rd to 6th 2022.

We are looking forward to it! The whole team is working at full capacity to realize the festival.

We were euphoric and happy, and with this message, we wanted to inform you about the launch of our new Instagram account @bildstoerung_festival and its first post, about the great artists from all over Europe, who will be filling the streets, squares and parks in Detmold with life again and making the public space become a place of encounter.

However, our joy is clouded. We are appalled by the aggression against Ukraine. Our great solidarity goes to all people affected by the war, artists and cultural activists!

Despite or exactly for this reason we are planning the BILDSTÖRUNG festival. It is a place of openness, encounter and exchange; it strengthens freedom and peace and stands for democratic coexistence.