«Deutschland. Ein Labermärchen»

stonekollektiv [DE]

  • Sat. 04.06.2022, 17:00-18:00, Ameide (4)
  • Sun. 05.06.2022, 17:30-18:30, Ameide (4)

“Deutschland. Ein Labermärchen” deals with the caesura represented by the 2006 Men’s Soccer World Cup: With the collective hoisting of the German flags, national pride became suitable for the masses again.

The so-called summer-fairy-tale is a fitting narrative for the desire for positive identification with Germany. Caroline Kapp and Julia Nitschke will not allow this repression of the Nazi past. On the contrary: they babble indispensably about current events and repeatedly perform the red line for Germany’s past. The image of the invincible German soccer serves the two artists as a metaphor to tell a new fairy tale in the field of tension between a Jewish poet exiled into exile and the resurgent nationalism.