«second wind/second suffle/zweite luft»


German premiere

  • Sat. 04.06.2022, 17:30-18:15, Hangar 21 (9)
  • Sun. 05.06.2022, 17:30-18:15, Hangar 21 (9)

“zweite luft” is a choreographic performance of stuck situations that experiments with the body’s reactions in intractable moments where sensations are transformed into movements.

The performers share this moment through their movements, their sign language and their immobility: between boredom, hectic and anger, apathy and inertia, they search for escape. What happens in this seemingly infinite moment? And what is after the end? A research in public space between movement and gesture, sound, installation and scenography, wasteland and nature.

Lilli Döscher graduates FAIAR, Formation supérieure d’art en espace public, in Marseille and is part of the international network IN SITU European platform for artistic creations in public space.